An essential component to the design of the modern marina, the substation safely and efficiently distributes power throughout the marina. Eaton Marina Power and Lighting's substations feature distribution equipment in a locking, stainless steel enclosure. Through proper utilization of electrical distribution equipment, the marina designer is able to reduce the overall electrical infrastructure costs while increasing efficiency.


Standard substation - single panel in. mm.
Height 62.8 1595.12
Width 50.76 1289.30
Depth 36 914.40
Standard substation - Dual Panel in. mm.
Height 62.8 1595.12
Width 62.76 1594.10
Depth 36 914.40


The substation ventilation is designed to optimize air circulation over and around the transformers and through the panel compartment so that the substation operates at lower temperatures. Substations come equipped with temperature controlled cooling fans for exhausting hot air from the cabinet and solar shield.

Standard Features

  • Temperature Controlled Cooling Fans for Exhausting Hot Air from the Cabinet
  • Solar Shield

Available Options

  • Heavy 316L Stainless Steel Housing that is Powder-Coated with a Polyester Resin
  • Single-Phase and Three-Phase Models
  • Copper-Wound, Low-Noise Transformer that is Double Insulated and Epoxy Over-Coated
  • Up to 1200 Amp Main Circuit Breaker
  • Ground Fault Monitoring System
  • Surge Protection Device to Protect Critical Electrical and Electronic Equipment from Damage by Power Surges

Panel and Transformer Combinations

Single Phase Three Phase
Panel Transformer Panel Transformer
200A 50 KVA 100A 45 KVA
300A 75 KVA 200A 75 KVA
400A 100 KVA 300A 112.5 KVA
600A 150 KVA 400A 150 KVA
700A 167.5 KVA 600A 225 KVA
800A 200 KVA 800A 300 KVA
1000A 250 KVA    
1200A 330 KVA