mega yacht powerpoint

Mega Yacht Powerpoint

Eaton provides the most compact, self-contained mega yacht unit in the industry. The Mega Yacht Powerpoint requires only a single utility feed yet provides single-phase and three-phase power. The Mega Yacht Powerpoint gives your large vessel marina the versatility needed to accommodate yachts from around the world.


Single Sided in. mm.
Height 62.8 1595.12
Width 50.76 1289.30
Depth 36 914.40
Dual Sided in. mm.
Height 62.8 1595.12
Width 62.76 1594.10
Depth 36 914.40

Note: Configuration of the unit will determine the exact dimensions

Standard Features

  • Temperature-Controlled Cooling Fans in Transformer Compartment
  • Heavy 316L Stainless Steel Housing that is Powder-Coated with a Polyester Resin
  • Ventilated Solar Shields to Help Unit Run Cooler in Any Climate
  • All receptacles circuit breaker-protected
  • LED Lighting
  • Copper-Wound, Low-Noise Transformer that is Double Insulated and Epoxy Over Coated

Available Options

  • 200A-480V-3P Receptacles
  • 100% Rated Breakers
  • Hard Wiring Bus Bars for All Voltages with Breaker Protection
  • Two 3/4" Water Outlets with a Water Meter
  • Two Phone, Two CATV, and Two CAT5 High-Speed Internet Connections
  • Digital Electronic Meters on All Receptacles
  • Primary Circuit Protection
  • Wireless Remote Metering for Electric and Water