lighthouse power pedestal

Lighthouse Power Pedestal

One of Eaton Marina Power and Lighting's most popular units, the all-purpose Lighthouse pedestal has a wide range of features. With units in service around the world, this stylish power pedestal is recognized for its practicality and exceptional durability.


  in. mm.
Height 44 1117.6
Width 13.75 349.25
Depth 13.75 349.25

Standard Features

  • Photocell-Controlled 14 Watt Compact Fluorescent Twistbulb Light with Amber Lens That Provides 360 Degrees of Lighting
  • Lockable Weatherproof Doors Which Protect Breakers and Receptacles While In Use (A Requirement of N.F.P.A. 303 and NEC Art. 555)
  • Hose and Cable Brackets
  • Heavy Resin Housing with a Two-Part Polyurethane Coating for a UV Resistant, Long Lasting Finish
  • Copper Bus Bar with Ratings from 250 to 500 Amps
  • "Hingeless" Base Providing Easy Access for Both Installation and Maintenance
  • Backlit Universal Faceplate for Easy Receptacle Plug-In at Night
  • NEMA 3R Rating
  • Circuit Breaker Protection for All Receptacle

Available Options

  • Digital Electronic Metering
  • Built-In Meter Socket
  • 20A/125V GFI Receptacle*
  • High-Speed Internet Connections
  • Wireless Remote Metering for Electric andWater
  • Surge Protection Device (SPD) to Protect from Voltage Surges, Spikes or Lightning on the AC Power Line
  • Stainless Steel Door Hinge on Receptacle Main Doors
  • Single or Dual Steel 1/4 Turn Ball Valves with 3/4" Hose Bibs and Stainless Steel Handles
  • Single or Dual Phone and /or Cable TV Connections
  • Base Cap
  • Base Extension
  • LED Lighting
  • Clear, Blue, and Red Lenses

* 20 Amp GFI receptacles are not to be used for shore power