Floats, Pontoons, Dow Styrofoam TM and Flotation Attachment Devices

We supply high quality, long-lasting pontoons, floats, float drums, the foam core to into the pontoon and float them. We also stock marine-specific attachment devices to make the flotation and floating boat docks work.

Superfloat float drums   
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All float drums are rotational molded for seamless one-piece construction. The encasement on these floats is resistant to damage by animals and will not sink or contaminate the water when punctured. The content of the encasement meet the “Hunt” Water Absorption Test. Resin on the floats will exhibit resilience against ice, bumps by watercraft, and contact deterioration from petroleum products. The encasement is recyclable.

Cross-linked polythene pontoons
Cross-linked Polyethylene Pontoons
Lightweight pontoon with a thirty-year life expectancy. Stiffening ribs add rigidity. Constructed of cross-linked polyethylene - a superior material for the demanding marina environment.

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Foam Core for Pontoons
The most popular and versatile foam product being used as flotation material is expanded polystyrene. We are knowledgeable in the area of foam products, and have no problem recommending EPS as a foam core for use with our pontoons.

Styrofoam buoyancy billets     
STYROFOAM TM Buoyancy Billets
Testing performed on these floats by both Dow and independent researchers has established the low water absorption and superior long-term buoyancy retention of STYROFOAM brand Buoyancy Billets.

STYROFOAM brand Buoyancy Billets have been produced for over 40 years. And, in fact, many billets have been in service for over 3 years in the same structures.

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Henderson Marine Flotation Attachment devices   
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Flotation Attachment Devices
This unique device was designed and manufactured specifically for the purpose of connecting polystyrene foam billets to the structural portion of a floating dock.

Henderson Marine Sport Port Lift     
PWC Lifting Devices
The Sport Port lift has a non-skid surface, providing a stable footing. It is designed to have minimal resistance when docking or launching. The Sport Port lift has no moving parts to wear or break. It is built to last. The Sport Port floats so whatever the water level, your craft is ready.